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2024 NS Provincial Championships

Kylie Ellie vs Harlo Young
Photo courtesy of Leopold Photographic Art

Another Provincials is in the books and we continue to grow. Teams from across the province competed in Junior and Senior classes with ages ranging from 2 to 65. A total of 148 entiesThanks to the ne Ross wrist rollers for hosting the event.
We'd like to wish Anastasia Antonova a speedy recovery.


2024 Atlantic Canadian Championships

  Kings       Dumas
  King Family                                          Dumas Family

he largest Atlantic Canadian to date was held April 6 at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill.
Although there were an abundances of great performances I'd like to point out how this is a family affair.  From the McNamaras, O'Connels , Boudreaus, and Broome/Youngs in NS to the Kings, Gallants, Theriaults, Martins in NB and the Dumas, McGeoghegans and Harper/LeClairs in PEI.  There are too many to list and I'll miss some. It is awesome to see mothers, fathers
and grandparents passing on their love of the sport to the next generation .

Congratuations to the following award winners:
Sylvio Bourque Lifetime Achievement - Rick Pinkney
Rick Pinkney Dedication  - Paula O'Connell
Hall of Fame  - Rob McNamara

McNamara Family



The Battle of the Atlantic qualifier took place at Parkside Pub on March 9th. The winners will now take on the Champions October 19.


Ladies Left 154
Champion - Paula O'Connell vs
Anastasia Antonova
Ladies Left 154+
Champion - Angela McNamara vs Paula O'Connell
Men's Left 165
Champion  -Dylan Courier vs Logan Fraser
Men's Left 200
Champion - Joey Thibodeau vs Phil Carty
Men's Left 200+
Champion -  Patrick MacKinnon vs Joedy Harper

Ladies Right 154
Champion - Maresh Elliott vs Anastasia Antonova
Ladies Right 154+
Champion - Angela McNamara vs Laura Broome
Men's Right 165
Champion - Trevor Weatherbee vs Logan Fraser
Men's Right 200
Ralphie Bayers vs Phil Carty
Men's Right 200+
Mark MacPhail vs Logan LeClair

Decathlon Juniors
Our first Junior competition of 2024 took place at Decathlon in Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth. Armwrestlers as young as 4yrs old showed off their muscles, technique and sportsmanship.


2023 Superman

Joedy Harper captured the right and left hand Superman titles to end off 2023. This was the first time 1 person has won both titles. PEI dominated the placings taking 4 of the top 5 in both arms. Congrats to Team PEI on a job well done.

The Ladies Right Hand Lightweight Battle of the Atlantic Championship match was also held and Mareshah Elliott captured the belt with a dominating 4-0 performance over Paula O'Connell.

The Men's Middleweight belt is now vacant as we were unable to get 2 competitors. In order to pull for the belt you must compete at the BOTA qualifier.

Annual General Meeting

It was decided at the Annual General Meeting that entry fees would increase to $15 for most competitions and $25 for Provincials and Atantics. Junior classes are not affected.

At the Junior tournament we will testing a video screen so that competitors will see the brackets as they happen.

The downside referees will be paid the same as head referees.

We will now pay the minor officials (bracket and weigh people). $25 and $50 forProvincials and Atlantics.

The weigh-in person  for Atlantics will have their room paid for on Friday night.

We will put forth a motion at the CAWF AGM to add a 105kg Grand Masters class.

We will purchase 2 -  5' banners and banner stands to add to the current banner. Atlantic Canadian Clubs  will be able to add their logo to the banner for $50. Money and logo must be recieved by Feb 29, 2024.



2023 NS Junior Competition

Sixty-two entries for our first stand-alone Junior competition, in a long time. There was plenty of action in all classes. Thomas Dumas, 12yrs old, almost made a clean sweep of the boys divisions winning everything except the 18 year old left hand class. Paisley Rafuse and Autumn Elliot dominatd the girls divisons.

Our next Junior competition will be January 20.


Linden Westcott and  Elliotte O'Connell

2023 Nova Scotia Championships

Williiam Young vs Brayden Louvelle

The 2023 Nova Scotia Provincial Championships had its largest ever turnout with 143 entries. The Bayers family were the big winners with Randy taking Gold in the right and left 90kg Class, while his wife Melissa took home gold in the Ladies Left 70+kg class and son Colton won the right and left in 5yrs and under. Randy's brother Ralphie took a 2nd in the left and 3rd in the right 90kg division. Melissa's brother Brayden finished 2nd in both arms in the 11-13 category.


Nova Scotia Squeaks Out Team Victory

For the 19th consecutive year Nova Scotia captured the Atlantic Canadian Team trophy.

Sony Theriault, Donovan Crouse and Randy Arsenault were all double winners. However it was Mae Colpitts who was the big winner capturing 3 Atlantic titles.

Award Winners
Rick Pinkney Dedication Award- Garry Kell

Sylvio Bourque Lifetime Achievement - Mark MacPhail

2023 Hall of Fame inductee - Warren Latimer

McKinnon dominates Superman

Patrick Mckinnon

Patrick Mckinnon dominated the left hand class at the 2022 Superman tournament. At 19yrs old he crushed the competition. He didn't lose a match all day. Joedy Harper was the only one that briefly held him up.

In the right hand class it looked like Shawn Ross was well on his way to victory. However he ran into Logan Leclair in the semi-finals who knocked him down to the "E" side and Joedy Harper put him out. Joedy them proceded to eliminate an exhausted Logan LeClair on his way to victory. This is the first time someone on the "E" side was gone onto victory.

In the Superwoman category Maresh Elliott took the right and Paula O'Comnell won the left.

Full Results

Battle of the Atlantic XXII

Acadian Arms
Team Acadian Arms

The first Battle of the Atlantic in 3 years was a great success. Over 100 entries from the 3 Maritime provinces competed in the Junior, Amateur and Elite classes. The Acadian Arms traveled 4 1/2 hours to show how much they've improved winning 2 belts.

For the first time ever all 6 belts are held by 6 different people.


2022 Nova Scotia Championships

Team NS
Team Champions - Sackville Warriors

The 2022 Nova Scotia Championships were held in Truro. the Sackville Warriors came out on top as the best team in the province.
Angela Hall, Ralphie Bayers and Leonard Schofield were all double winners on the day. Angela and Leonard took left and right hand titles while Ralphie took 2 right hand titles.
Karina Warren won the Ladies strong Hand challenge while Shane Elliott to the Men's title

Full Results

2022 Atlantic Canadian Championships

Team NS
Team Nova Scotia
The Top team in Atlantic Canada was NovaScotia for the 18 consectutive year.

After a 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic the Atlantic Canadian Championships took place Saturday, April 2 in Springhill, NS.  With 120 adult entries it was the largest Atlantics to date.

New Brunswick showed up with the largest and strongest team ever. The future is bright for armwrestling in NB.


The Hall of Fame had 3 new enties: Joyce King, Al King and Chris Scott.

  Joyce King  Al KingChris Scott

Hall of Fame

The first ever Sylvio Bourque Memorial award was won by Chis Scott.

The winner of the Rick Pinkney award was awared posthumously to Sylvio Bourque. and was accepted by his brother Edouard Bourque

Edouard Bourque

2021 Nova Scotia Championships

Truro Arm Assasins
Team Champions: Truro Arm Assasins
Picture compliments of Angela MacNamara

The first tournament in almost 2 years was significantly smaller due to pandemic regulations, however the calibre was high.
Angela McNamara  and John Therrien were the only double winners. Angela won the left and right of the Ladies Open while John took the right 176 and 198lb classes.

There were many new faces that weren't in the sport before the pandemic.  In the coming years these new faces will be the ones to watch out for.

Our group of under 20yr olds made their mark on the day. From 15yr old Karina Warren who dominates the ladies left hand lightweight; 19yr olds "Cool Hand" Luke Sawler  that crushed the left hand lightweight class, Jesse Watton who threw a scare into the 154lb class.  And 18yr old newcomer Patrick Mackinnon who took a third in the left hand open class threw a scare into the class with a win on eventual Champion Kenny Snow.

2021 Provincial Results

Largest Superman Ever

Logan Leclair was the right hand Superman Champion in a class of 44. Logan went undefearted  in the quadruple elimination competition.

In a triple elimination left hand class of 33 Jon Thompson  held off big hits from Kenny Snow to to take the title.

In the triple elimination Ladies' classes Angela Hall captured both the right and left hand classes.

Karina Cleaning House

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

The wunderkind continues to amaze. Not only is the 12yr old dominating the Juniors but she jumped up to the Ladies' Lghtweight and captured the Provincial Left hand title. She then went on to win the 140lb Ladies Kettlebell Hold. The future is bright for this young lady.

Shawn Ross won the Right Open while Kenny Snow won the Left Open. Donavon Crouse and Angela Hall were the only double winners. Donavon won the !65lb Right and Left while Angela won the Ladies Open Right and Left.


Nova Scotia  Captures 19th Consecutive Title

Atlantic Canadian Results

It was the McGeoghgan show at the year ending Superman tournament.  Charlie, Pat and Jimmy were crushing the competitionup until the end when fatigue started setting in.  All 3 finished it the top 5 right and left hand. When the dust settled Charlie managed to capture the left hand while Kenny Snow won the right.

In the ladies class Celeste Cyliboy won the right and left hand classes.

In the junior division Shawn Foster, Ava Mattice and Karina Warren were all double champions while Halen Lamay and Stephen McGeoghegan split the open class.


Nova Scotia Championships

t was the Randy Bayers show this year at the Provincial Championships. Randy won the 198lb and Open classes with both his right and left arms and the Right Arm Overall title.  Then he won the Strong Hand Hold beating Mark Crouse by only 1.5 seconds . Donovan Crouse, Asley Oldford and Angela Hall were all double winners taking the right and left hand classes.

In the Juniors, newcomers Karina Warren and Landyn Toney took double Gold in impressive fashion. Ava Mattice and RJay split the Lightweight class while Luke Sawler won right and left in the open class.

Randy Bayers with his 6 Provincial Trophies


Atlantic Canadian Championships

It very successful 2018 Atlantic Canadian Championships with 40 Junior and 95 Senior . The Juniors started the day with a great show of speed, strength and determination.

 Ashley Oldford, Angela Hall and Donovan Crouse were the only double winners in the Senior division.  

Nova Scotia captured the Team trophy.

Sylvio Bourque and Charlie McGeoghegan were inducted into the Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Hall of Fame.


Nova Scotia AGM

The following points were passed at the AGM, Jan 20.

- Entry fee for Provincials and Atlantic Canadians are raised to $20 per class

- Membership fee is being implemented to all NS cometitors(other than those at Amateur competitions) to $20 per calender year

- Junior Membership fees will be $10 per calender year

- Junior Entry Fees and rising to $5 per class

- Junior competitors who wish to compete in the adult competition must have their parent/legal guardian on hand to sign for them

Nova Scotia Championships

The Nova Scotia Championships held in Port Hawkesbury were the largest in the history of armwrestling in Nova Scotia. A major contributor to these numbers  was the large contingent of Junior competitors. The skill and dedication of these Juniors is a testament  to the bright future that Nova Scotia has in the orld of armwrestling.
Dylan Benoit was the class of the Junior Open class winning both right and left.  The mddleweight was a battle between Jesse Watton, Brody Milner and Keaton Muise. The lightweights are seeing rising stars in Jenna Muise,
Peter Khoury and Gavin Weaver.entries in the Ladies cla

The Senior classes saw the return of the Bayers Brothers and they did not disappoint. Ralphie was stronger in the left and Randy in the right.
We also had the most entries in the ladies classes in 30 years. Angela Hall and Melissa Louvelle were both double winners.


Atlantic Canadian Championsips

The Atlantic Canadian Championships turned into the Jake Chute show. Jake won the 154lb class then took down favourite Trevor Weatherbee in the 165lb class. Jake then brought Sylvio Bourque to the brink of elimination in the Left Hand Lightweight division. The only thng that saved Sylvio was his years of experience.
In other action Shawn Ross appears to be at the top of his game as he cruised to victory in the Right Open Class and took a 2nd to Mark MacPhail in the Left Hand Open. Kendall MacDonald upset Phil Carty in the Left Hand Middleweight Class. Phil hung on to the Right Middleweight title. Brett MacDonald's time off didn't slow him down as he crushed the 176lb class. And Paula O'Connell swept the Right and Left Hand Lades Classes.


Battle of the Atlantic XX

Many belts changed hands at BOTA XX. Angela Scott took back the Ladies Right Lightweight belt from Paula O'Connell. In the men's lightweight division Donovan Crouse had a bad day losing both belts. Trever Weatherbee took the right and upstart Mason Gammon took the left.
In the Junior Division Jesse Watton looks unstoppable in the middlewight class but he has a few new faces in Keaton Muise and Brody  Milner closing in.
The Valley is  making great gains in their junior programs.



The last tournament of 2016 became one of the longest we've ever had. We started off with the kids and they put on a great show, from the Mattice sisters to the Khoury brothers.

In the Superman right hand competition Charlie McGeoghegan was class of the field as no one slowed him down. One of the big upsets of the day was Wayde Graves beating Phil Carty to take second place. With the left hand it was all Jon Thompson though Charlie McGeoghegan did get one win on him. However it was Jim Mcgeoghegan who almost stole the show. With his huge hits he almost pinned Jon.

In the ladies it was Paula O'Connell who took the left and right. However, the ladies class is looking great with some new strong arms in this class.


Lobster Bash

One week after Nationals we had a great turnout in Digby for the annual Lobster Bash. With over 80 entries, a combination of kids, amateur, open triple elimination and challenge matches provided plenty of exciting matchs. The kids started the day off in front of a large crowd and didn't disappoint. Cousins Jesse Watton and Jake Chute dominated their classes. In the amateur classes the crew from PEI proved to be the ones to beat. The triple elimination saw Donovan Crouse come off the "C" side with the right to defeat Nick Acheson and fought off Logan Leclair in the left to win both


Nova Scotia Championships

There was a changing of the guard at this year's Provincial Championships. The new young blood were making their presence known. Eighteen year old Donavon Crouse picked up both the right and left hand titles at this year's event in the 165lb class. Jake Chute, 16 won the 154lb right hand class defeating long standing champion Will Sarty. Kenny Snow, 21 almost pulled off the biggest upset of the day when he took eventual champion Mark MacPhail to the 5th and decideing match.

Donavon Crouse


Atlantic Canadian Championships

Phil Carty led Team NS to it's 17th consecutive Team Title at the Atlantic Championships. Phil took the right hand 198 and 220lb class along with the 198lb left hand title.


Scott MacInnis and Charlie Yorston were inducted int the NSAWA Hall of Fame

 Ralphie Bayers Makes his Return

For the first time in 2 years Ralphie Bayers hit a tournament. And he did it in fine style. Ralphie won the BOTA Middleweight Right and Left Classes plus the Heavyweight Left class. He also took 2nd in the Right Heavyweight.He is now the Number 1 contender for 3 belts.


Battle of the Atlantic XVII

For the first time ever, every belt changed hands at Battle of the Atlantic XVII. Joyce King showed she was back and in fine form as she took both Ladies Open bets. Donovan Crouse is improving with every tournament and captured both Lightweight belts. Phil Carty lost his Heavyweight belt to Mark MacPhail but won both Middleweight belts. Charlie McGeroghegan captured the Left Heavyweight belt from brother Pat in a 5 round hard fought contest.


Team PEI Cleans Up

The  PEI team cleaned house in the BOTA XVI championship matches. They won all of the available men's titles on Nov 28. The competition was tough and the results don't show how close many of the matches were. There was a definite showing of a changing of the guard as many of the younger armwrestlers were stepping up and making it be known that they were on their way.


MacPhail And McGeoghegan 2015 Supermen

Mark  MacPhail took the right hand while Charlie MacGeoghan fought off brother Jim and Phil Carty to take the left hand title. There were a few upsets as stamina played a huge part determing the final placings in the quintuple elimination tournament. Big surprises for the day were Jim Mcgeoghegan who was the last person standing on the Left Hand  "A" side. Also Kendal MacDonald and Kenny Snow had great performances.
* Note that the results are a bit skewed as we had issues with the draw sheets.
In the Challenge Matches it appears that practice is paying off for Jesse Watton as he defeated Madison Seely 3-0 in both hands. Inbthe other 15yr old Stephen McGeoghegan's top roll was too much for Paula O'Connell as he won both hands 3-0.

 2015 Superman Results

Carty holds off McNamara at Lobster Bash

Phil Carty went down 2 matches to 0 and stopped Rob within inches of the pad in the 3rd match to stave off defeat. He came back to win the third match then then the next 2 matches to retain his BOTA belt.

In her first defense of the Ladies Right Lightweight belt Paula O'Connell fought off a determined Angela Scott 3-0.


Atlantic Canadian Championships

Ron Moorehouse and Randy Snow
Ronny Moorehouse and Randy Snow

Picture complements Angela Hall

The 21st Atlantic Canadian Championships took place at the Wandlyn Inn in Amherst with plenty faces from the past making a showing. The biggest highlight was the the return of 13 time World Champion Joyce King.

The triple elimination format defininely favoured Randy Snow in the Left Heavyweight. Randy was one of the many faces that hasn't ben around much the last number of years. After losing his first two matches Randy came back to win the left hand title.

One of the most exciting matches was Steven Boad, who was another that we haven't seen in many years and Wayde Graves. The match featured a couple restarts and plenty of back and forth action.

Nova Scotia captured it's 17th Team title in the 21 year history of the Team Trophy and 13th in a row.


Nova Scotia Championships

Although there were a lot of
challengers in the right and left heavyweight classes it came down to 2 regular finalists. Mark MacPhail and Shawn Ross  won the left and right (respectfully)Super Heavyweight classes. Shawn had little resistance in defending his title while Mark had to do some battling for his title. Shawn also took the Overall trophy.

There were several new faces that will look to be future champions including Ryan Francis and 15 year od Kalolin Johnson of Eskasoni. Seventeen year old Donovan Crouse is proving to be a force to be reconded with as he is getting closed to beating the best.

Angela Hall,  Ryan Purdy and Will Sarty were all double winners. Angela took the Ladies right and left while Will took the 154lb and 165lb right hand classes. Ryan won the 176 righ and 165 left. After many years of being the runner up in the Strong Hand Hold, Will finally captured his first title beating defending champion Mark Croise by 1 second

Special thanks to Paula O'Connell for the great spread of food.

Valley Armwrestling Team


Battle of the Atlantic  XV

The year started off with a great  with Battle of Atlantic XV. Only half of the Champions were able to retain their titles. Angela Hall, Phil Carty, Jim McGeoghegan and Jon Thompson were able to hold onto their Belts. New Champions that were crowned were Paula O'Connell, Brett MacDonald, Mark Crouse.

Photo courtesy of Angela Hall


Superman Tournament

The last tournament of the year turned into the PEI show.  The Island was well represented with the McGeoghegan brothers and the MacDonald clan.  Pat McGeoghegan led the day with a first in the left and second right, while his younger and lighter
(176lbs) brother Jim, took a 4th and 5th. However one of the giant killers was Brett MacDonald who finished  8th with both arms. Brett tipped the scales at 155lbs. Brett is getting better each tournament will be be a force to be reckoned with in the future.


Battle of the Atlantic XIV

Battle of the Atlantic XIV had plenty of excitement and a few upsets. The upsets started with the heavyweight class when Digby's Phil Carty took out champion Mark MacPhail in 3 straight. In the Ladies' division Angela Hall was too much for Jessica King. Angela went on to win the belts in both left and right hand . In the middleweight class a missing Randy Bayers left the class wide open and Jim McGeoghegan  took advantage and won both belts. In the lightweight class Ryan Purdy held onto his right hand belt and picked up the left hand as well.
In the triple elimination there was plenty of excitement and some new challengers for the belts. Team PEI looked great as they will be taking part in 6 of the 8 belt matches in January


Nova Scotia Captures Canadian Team Title

With a 16 Gold medal performance, Nova Scotia captured the Team trophy at the 2014 Canadian Championships in Charlottetown.
Shawn Ross led the way with 3 Gold, followed by 2 Gold performances by Chris Scott, Phil Carty Gary Kell, and Mark MacPhail. Gold Medals were also won by Ben Best, Melissa Louvelle, Will Sarty,  Wayde Graves, Rob MacNamara.

For all the  Results

Atlantic Canadian Championships

Jeremie Hachey was the talk of the Atlantic Canadian Championships. In the left hand middleweight class he beat out perennial favourite Randy Bayers in convincing fashion. In the triple elimination tournament Randy only mustered one win against Jeremie.

In other classes Jon Thompson took the left heavyweight while Shawn Ross won the right heavyweight.  Sylvio Bourque easily won the left lightweight as did Randy Bayers with the right 198. The lighter classes saw Will Sarty take the 154 and 165 right. Jeff McBride dropped down to the 176 and won that with ease.
Jessica King crushed the competition in both the ladies right and left hand classes.

For all the Results

Nova Scotia Championships

The 2014 Provincial Championships were a success with a good turnout of pullers and plenty of exciting action on the table. Triple elimination proved beneficial to some and disaster to others as fatigue wore many down.

The Bayers brothers proved yet again that they are the ones to beat winning 3 of the 4 classes they entered. Only the "Over 198lb" class proved to be their undoing as Shawn Ross took the large class and Mark MacPhail finished second

For all the Results

Battle of the Atlantic XIII

The Heavyweight division  had 11 right and 9 left and had several exciting matchups along the way. Charlie McGeoghegan captured the Left hand Belt, while Mark MacPhail held onto the right. In the triple elimination Shawn Ross cruised to victory in the right and Jonathan Thompson top rolled his way to victory in the left.

The Ladies division was the biggest in 25 years with 7 women. Jessica King returned to the sport after several years off and took a first and a second. Angela Hall won the right and was second to Jessica in the left.  The ladies showed they could put on a show as well when newcomer Melissa Louvelle and Paula O'Connell battled it out in a very exciting match.


Sarty Bronze at Worlds

Will Sarty was the only Canadian to hit the podium in the last 2 days of competition, taking a Bronze in the 55kg right hand class. He also took a 7th with his left arm.
In the Masters classes Sylvio Bourque took a Silver and Bronze in the 75kg Grand Masters Left and Right hand classes respectively.
In the 110kg Masters class Wayde Graves of Bedford. finished 13th with his left hand and 23 with his right hand.

World Results

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$10 Juniors

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