Battle of the Atlantic IV

Mic Mac Mall
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
May 23, 2009

Referees: Chris Scott, Wayde Graves

Ranking Matches

Left Middleweight

(4) Matthew Purdy vs (3) Gary Laird

Gary was unable to stop the top roll of Matthew Purdy. Although Gary was able to catch Matthew, he was catching him too far down and couldn't brig him back.

Results: Mathew Purdy 5 - Gary Laird 1

Right Lightweight

(5) Darren Taylor vs (3) Trever Weatherbee

Until the last 2 matches Darren couldn't stop Trever's hits. Even when Darren got the start Trever was able to pull through him. The last 2 matches Darren was able to top roll Trever.

Results: Trever Weatherbee 4 - Darren Taylor 2

Right Middleweight

(nr) Ralphie Bayers vs (4) Matthew Purdy

Matthew could not deal with the strength of Ralphie. Ralphie let Matthew hit and then pulled him back with complete control

Results: Ralphie Bayers 6 - Matthew Purdy 0

Championship Matches

Right Lightweight

(1) Ed McLellan vs (Champion) Will Sarty

This was a back and forth battle with these two taking turns with with the wins. Ed was going for the hook and Will was battling trying to keep him out. If ED got his hook in he was winning but Will was successfully blocking it at times. This one went into overtime with Will taking the 7th match.

Results: Will Sarty 4 - Ed McLellan 3

Right Middleweight

(2) Rick Pinkney vs (Champion) Mark Crouse

Every match went to the straps. Mark started out strong with a convincing win. However in the rest of the matches Rick was able to stop Mark and they struggled back and forth with Rick taking wrist control.

Results: Rick Pinkney 4 - Mark Crouse 2

Right Heavyweight

(2) Shawn Ross vs (Champion) Mark MacPhail

These two were trading off wins until the final two. Again Mark's speed was causing problems for Shawn. Even when he stopped and beat Mark it took it's toll. These two were stopped on a few occasions in a hook in the middle of the table.

Results: Mark MacPhail 4 - Shawn Ross 2
Left Lightweight

(2) Will Sarty vs (Champion) Tim Wrigley

Tim was too much for will in this match-up. Although Will took the first match Tim adjusted and won the next 5 in a row.

Results: Tim Wrigley 5 - Will Sarty 1

Left Middleweight

(2) Melvin Peach vs (1) Ryan Purdy

Melvin tried something different each match but couldn't get by Ryan's wrist. Ryan's top roll was just too much.

Results: Ryan Purdy 5 - Melvin Peach 0

Left Heavyweight

(3) Shawn Ross vs (Champion) Mark MacPhail

Shawn couldn't seem to catch up to Mark. Mark's hits were getting him so close to the pin line that even when Shawn could stop him he was down too far.

Results: Mark MacPhail 5 - Shawn Ross 1

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