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2008 Ranking Tournament at "The Pond" in Truro

The Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association went back to the Ponderosa Tavern in Truro for our Year End Ranking Tournament. We had many surprises with several upsets and a number of jaw dropping matches! However, the day belonged to Sylvio Bourque with complete domination in the left hand categories.   

Sylvio captured both the Light and Heavyweight divisions in convincing style. No one could even slow him down.
Sylvio looks to be in fine shape as he readies himself for the Worlds in just 2 weeks! A couple of our heavyweights were absent this year but we can tell you that Mark MacPhail is preparing for the Worlds and just couldn't make this tournament. Good Luck to Mark and Sylvio in BC!


    Right Lightweight

    1. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
    2. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
    3. Rejain Allain, St. Marie-de-Kent
    4. Sylvio Bourque, Grand Digue
    5. Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke
    6. Edouard Bourque, Grand Digue
    7. Artie MacMaster, Truro
    8. Tim Wrigley, Halifax
    9. Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast
    10. Ed McLellan, Hilden
    11. Will Sarty, Sackville
    12. Stephen McGrath, Moncton
    13. Mathew Purdy, Malagash
    14. Christopher Scott, Sackville
    15. Marc Bourque, Grande-Digue
    16. Darren Taylor, Middleton
    17. Joe Clayton, Middleton
    18. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax

    Left Lightweight

    1. Sylvio Bourque, Grand Digue
    2. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
    3. Rejain Allain, St. Marie-de-Kent
    4. Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast
    5. Darren Taylor, Middleton
    6. Will Sarty, Sackville
    7. Edouard Bourque, Grand Digue
    8. Joe Clayton, Middleton
    9. Tim Wrigley, Halifax
    10. Chris Rafuse, Windsor
    11. Stephen McGrath, Moncton 12. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
    13. Christopher Scott, Sackville
    14. Artie MacMaster, Truro
    15. Mathew Purdy, Malagash
    16. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
    17. Gary Laird, Nictau

    Right Heavyweight

    1. Shawn Ross, Kingston
    2. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth
    3. Chris Scott, Sackville
    4. Tim Pye, Halifax
    5. Larry Roi, Fredericton
    6. Billy Deveau, Dartmouth
    7. Jose Pinto Jr, Fredericton
    Left Heavyweight

    1. Sylvio Bourque, Grand Digue
    2. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth
    3. Chris Scott, Sackville
    4. Tim Pye, Halifax
    5. Billy Deveau, Dartmouth
    6. Jose Pinto Jr., Fredericton

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