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Queens County Fair - Caledonia

Last Saturday the Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association traveled south and west to the small town of Caledonia. Every September, Caledonia gears up for its largest and most popular event –the Queens County Fair. The fair lasts for five days and includes exhibits from all over Nova Scotia –quilts, crafts, produce, baked goods, livestock–there are too many types of exhibits to name! Saturday afternoon we gathered in the...pavilion for our annual arm wrestling tournament for the fair. This year was a little different as we ran an open adult tournament and a kids tournament. Everyone had a blast and the match of the day belonged to Maddison and Cullen (our two youngest competitors). I don't remember ever seeing two kids pull so hard and long. Arlo Huss taking 2nd place!
We had 3 double Champions for the day (left and right) - Theodore Weare, Allan Carver and Kyle Peach. Congradulations!! See below for the full results.

Caledonia, NS

September 20

Junior Results

Right Light

1. Madison Seely, Sackville
2. Cullen Carver, Caledonia

Left Light

1. Cullen Carver, Caledonia
2. Madison Seely, Sackville

Right Middle

1. Theodore Weare, North Brookfield
2. Jason Weare, North Brookfield
3. Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield
4. Justin McLellan, Hilden
5. Jessie Frail, North Brookfield
6. Kyle Weare, Caledonia
7. Donovan Crouse, Beaconsfield
8. Dana Canning, Caledonia

Left Middle

1. Theodore Weare, North Brookfield
2. Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield
3. Justin McLellan, Hilden
4. Jason Weare, North Brookfield
5. Donavon Crouse, Beaconsfield
6. Dana Canning, Caledonia

Right Heavy

1. Allan Carver, Caledonia
2. Aaron Marshall, Beaconsfield
3. Chris Scott, Sackville
4. Mackenzie Carver, Caledonia
5. Jamie Sawler, Caledonia
6. Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield

Left Heavy

1. Allen Carver, Caledonia
2. Christopher Scott, Sackville
3. Aaron Marshall, Beaconsfield
4. Jamie Sawler, Caledonia
5. Brook Crouse, Beaconsfield
6. Mackenzie Carver, Caledonia

Right Open

1. Kyle Peach, Caledonia
2. Gordon MacNutt, Caledonia
3. Nathan Sylliboy, East Stewiacke

Left Open

1. Kyle Peach, Caledonia
2. Gordon MacNutt, Caledonia
3. Nathan Sylliboy, East Stewiacke

Chalk'n up!

Senior Results

Right Light

1. Ed McLellan, Hilden
2. Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke
3. Will Sarty, Sackville
4. Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank
5. Allan Carver, Caledonia
6. Theodore Weare, North Brookfield
7. Christopher Scott, Sackville
8. Aaron Marshall, Beaconsfield

Left Light

1. Will Sarty, Sackville
2. Gary Laird, Nictaux
3. Christopher Scott, Sackville
4. Ed McLellan, Hilden
5. Aaron Marshall, Beaconsfield
6. Alan Carver, Caledonia
7. Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke
8. Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank

Right Heavy

1. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth
2. Chris Scott, Sackville
3. Arlo Huss, Caledonia
4. Kyle Peach, Caledonia

Left Heavy

1. Chris Scott, Sackville
2. Arlo Huss, Westfield
3. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth
4. Kyle Peach, Caledonia

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