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Heart of the Valley - Middleton

This past Saturday we went back to the beautiful Annapolis Valley for the annual Heart of the Valley Festival. Turnout was a bit low this year but we still had nearly 70 entries including 28 junior entries! The kids really have a blast at these tournaments and the looks on their faces as we hand out the medallions is priceless! This year we had some new kids out that looked really promising and hopefully we'll see them at out next tournament at Caledonia on September 20th. We also had our standard amateur and elite classes with a few brutal matches courtesy of two local pullers, Tim Wrigley and Darren Taylor. These two guys gave everything they had and left nothing at the table. Many of the competitors looked looked very impressive in anticipation of next weeks Provincials in Bridgewater.

Raceway Park, Middleton July 19, 2008 Entries: 66 Referees: Rick Pinkney, Chris Scott, Ed McLellan, Wayde Graves

Junior Competition

Right Light

1. Chance Sylliboy - Malagash
2. Tom Walker - Aylesford
3. Rhianna Walker - Middleton
4. Aiden Weatherbee - Stewiacke

Right Light-Heavy Weight

1. Nic Zaedow - Aylesford
2. Brandon Wrigley - Margaretsville
3. Mitch Durling - Margaretsville
4. Jake Walker - Aylesford

Left Light

1. Chance Sylliboy - Malagash
2. Aiden Weatherbee - Stewiacke

Left Light Heavyweight

1. AJ Watton - Aylesford
2. Nic Zaedow - Aylesford
3. Mitch Durling - Margaretsville

Right Middle

1. Jason Phuong - Kingston
2. Donavan Crouse - Beaconsfield
3. Justin McLellan - Hilden
4. Logan Taylor - Beaconsfield

Right Heavyweight

1. Chris Scott - Sackville
2. Aaron Marshall - Beaconsfield
3. AJ Watton - Aylesford
4. Brooke Crouse - Beaconsfield
5 Donald Hayward - Margaretsville

Left Middle

1. Donavan Crouse - Beaconsfield
2. Logan Taylor - Beaconsfield

Left Heavy

1. Chris Scott - Sackville
2.Donald Hayward - Margaretsville
3. Brooke Crouse - Beaconsfield
4. Aaron Marshall - Beaconsfield

Junior Class Draw Sheets

Open Competition


1. Darren Taylor, Middleton
2. Chris Rafuse, Windsor
3. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
4. Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield


1. Sean Weaver, Middleton
2. Joey Clayton, Middleton
3. Kevin Mullin, Weymouth

Right 3

1. Matthew Purdy, Malagash
2. Ed McLellan, Hilden
3. Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke
4. Tim Wrigley, Halifax

Left Light

1. Chris Rafuse, Windsor
2. Christopher Scott, Sackville
3. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
4. Trever Weatherbee, Stewiackee
5. Ed McLellan, Hilden

Left Elite 3

1. Tim Wrigley, Halifax
2. Darren Taylor, Middleton
3. Gary Laird, Torbrook


1. Joey Clayton, Middleton
2. Christopher Scott, Sackville


1. Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield
2. Lee Harrison, Middleton

Right 2

1. Greg Harnish, Hubbards
2. Shawn Ross, Kingston
3. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
4. Chris Scott, Sackville
5. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
6 Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke

Left Heavy

1. Joey Clayton, Middleton
2. Christopher Scott, Sackville

Left Elite 2

1. Shawn Ross, Kingston
2. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
3. Chris Scott, Sackville
4. Wayde Graves, Bedford
5. Matthew Purdy, Malagash
6. Ryan Purdy, Halifax

Wayde Graves

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Open Class Draw Sheets

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