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Battle of the Atlantic II - Dooley's New Minas

The above picture really sums up our second Battle of the Atlantic. Four of our six Champions defended their belts against the #1 Competitors with three of the four belts changing hands. We had a couple upsets and some of the most intense pulls I have ever seen.

The best matchup of the day was the Right Hand Lightweight class between the Champion Tim Wrigley and the number 1 challenger, Artie MacMaster. The matches were literally gut bustin' and eye popin'. Artie came out on top and took Tim's belt with a 6-0 record but it was not indicative of how close these two matched up. All 6 matches went straight to the hook where these two fought hard with the grip inching back and forth.

Tim Wrigley, not one for easy matches, also had 6 brutal left hand matchs with Jimmy McGeoghegan. hardly any one thought Tim could take Jimmys belt but after dust all settled Tim came out with a 6-0 victory over Jimmy.

  Mark Crouse was our double Champion on Saturday. Not only did he defend his right hand belt from challenger Ryan Purdy he was able to defeat Ryan with his left and capture the belt left vacant by Sylvio Bourque. Mark sent Ryan home with 11 loses out of 12 matches! I expect we will see Ryan back with some adjustments...

  We also had 2 BOTA challenges with a left handed Melvin Peach hammering Matt Purdy down a spot to 5th and taking his #4 spot. After watching this match I think the 3 guys over Mel better watch out.

The only "non-televised" bout was Jimmy Jim McGeoghegan defending his #5 position right handed against Darren Taylor. Darren now holds the #6 spot right handed.
Our Heavyweight Championship match had to be postponed this time as our Champion, Mark MacPhail could not attend. Mark was staying home this trip awaiting the coming of his first child! (it was a boy!) We look forward to seeing Mark back in action defending his 2 BOTA Belts!

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