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Atlantic Canadian Championships - Credit Union Place

Team Nova Scotia
The 2008 Atlantic Canadian Championships took place at Credit Union Place in Summerside PEI. This was the best venue to ever host this event. With the arm wrestlers up on a stage & the tournament being shown on one of the 4 large screens; the 300 plus spectators including Premier Robert Ghiz and many MLA's had a great view of all the exciting competition.

Jimmy and Brian
The tournament brought out former Provincial, Atlantic, Canadian and even World Champions!! These guys did not fail to perform on Saturday. There were many great matches with a few upsets along the way.

A few of the matches that stands out were when Shawn Ross stopped the massive top roll hit of Greg Harnish and brought him back for the pin and win! Greg did go on to win the Heavy Weight class but this was the first time Shawn was able to take a win over the 26 time Provincial Champion.

Another match was when Pat McGeoghegan eliminated his big brother MLA Charlie McGeoghegan from Belfast, PEI. This was a HUGE win for Pat and I believe a first for him as well. As a note Charlie is a former left hand World Champion!

The local guys also did some wicked pulling! Daniel Albert from Summerside was a complete new comer never having put his elbow on an arm wrestling table prior to this event. Dan went on to pull some of Atlantic Canada's best and take 4th spot with his left hand. Donald McCormack from Souris went on to take 3rd place in the 220lb right hand class. Here's a link to a write up on Daniel at the Journal Pioneer, a local paper that did a great job covering the event.

Rejeal Alain

Atlantic Canadian Championships

Credit Union Place

Summerside, Prince Edward Island April 12, 2008

Entries: 68

Referees: Dave Campbell, Joe Costello

1) Ed McLellan, Hilden, NS
2) Will Sarty, Sackville,NS
3) Terrence Wrigley, Middleton, NS
4) Daniel Martel, Montague, PEI
5) Chris Rafuse, Windsor, NS
6) Kendall McQuillan, Charlottetown PEI
7) Darren Taylor, Middleton, NS
Right Hand 165lbs
1) Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke, NS
2) Tim Wrigley, Middleton, NS
3) Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
4) Stephen Simon, Eskasoni, NS
5) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank, NS
Right Hand 180lbs
1) Sean Weaver, Middleton, NS
2) Rejain Allain, St. Marie-de-Kent, NB
3) Wendell VanDorfluit, Summerside, PEI
4) Kevin Reeves, Kensington, PEI
5) Christopher Scott, Sackville, NS
Right Hand 200lbs2
1) Ryan Purdy, Halifax, NS
2) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield, NS
3) Rick Pinkney, Sackville, NS
4) Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke, NS
5) Joey Gallant, Montague, PEI
6) Billy Gauthier, Oyster Bed, PEI
7) Mathew Purdy, Malagash, NS
8) Sylvio Bourque, Grand Digue, NS
9) Michael Martell, Montague, PEI
Right Hand 220lbs
1) Pat McGeoghegan, Belle River, PEI
2) Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
3) Donald MacCormac, Souris, PEI
4) Chris Scott, Sackville, NS
5) Wayde Graves, Bedford, NS
Right Hand Over 220lbs
1) Greg Harnish, Hubbards, NS
2) Shawn Ross, Kingston, NS
3) Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth, NS
4) Allan Brown, Summerside, PEI
Left Hand 165lbs
1) Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
2) Tim Wrigley, Middleton, NS
3) Will Sarty, Sackville, NS
4) Darren Taylor, Middleton, NS
5) Ed McLellan, Hilden, NS
6) Daniel Martell, Montague, PEI
7) Stephen Simon, Eskasoni
8) Terrence Wrigley, Middleton, NS
9) Chris Rafuse, Windsor, NS
10) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank, NS
11) Vernon Weatherbee, Lantz, NS
Left Hand 200lbs
1) Sylvio Bourque, Grand Digue, NB
2) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield, NS
3) Ryan Purdy, Halifax, NS
4) Daniel Albert, Summerside, PEI
5) Rejain Allain, St. Marie-de-Kent, NB
6) Wendell VanDerfluit, Summerside,PEI
7) Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke, NS
8) Gary Laird, Torbrook, NS
9) Christopher Scott, Sackville, NS
10) Billy Gauthier, Oyster Bed, PEI
11) Michael Martell, Montague, PEI
12) Mathew Purdy, Malagash, NS
Left Hand Over 200lbs
1) Shawn Ross, Kingston, NS
2) Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
3) Chris Scott, Sackville, NS
4) Wayde Graves, Bedford, NS
5) Donald MacCormac, Souris, PEI
6) Pat McGeoghegan, Belle River, PEI
7) Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth, NS
Ladies Open
1) Airica Martell, Charlottetown, PEI
2) Tami Martell, Montague, PEI
3) Suzanne Nolan, Elmira, PEI
Team Standings
1) Nova Scotia
2) Prince Edward Island
3) New Brunswick

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