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Angies' of Burnside

The first tournament of the year went off with a few changes and many exciting matches. Two more Elite classes were added. An Elite 3 Right and Left were tacked on to the other Elite classes to get more of our top pullers out of the Amateur ranks. This should help people getting into the sport be more competitive with others their own caliber.

Angies of Burnside

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia January 19, 2008 Entries: 61 Referees: Rick Pinkney & Scott MacInnis

Amateur Right Lightweight
1) Doug Redden, Dartmouth
2) Chris Rafuse, Windsor
3) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank
4) John Hogg, Halifax

Amateur Left Lightweight
1) Ed McLellan, Hilden
2) Chris Rafuse, Windsor
3) Doug Redden, Dartmouth
4) Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke
5) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank
6) Terrence Wrigley, Middleton
7) Steve Card, Windsor
Amateur Right Heavyweight
1) Sean Weaver, Middleton
2) Shawn Deveau, Dartmouth
3) Mark Rockwell, Mt. Uniacke
4) Kevin Bayers, Ship Harbour
5) Luc Racine, Sydney
Amateur Left Heavyweight2
1) Shawn Deveau, Dartmouth
2) Luc Racine, Sydney
3) Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke

Right Elite 3
1) Trevor Weatherbee, Stewiacke
2) Artie MacMaster, Truro
3) Ed McLellan, Hilden
4) Darren Taylor, Middleton
5) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
6) Tim Wrigley, Middleton
7) Will Sarty, Halifax
8) Brendan Samuel, Dartmouth
 9) Steve Bayers, Ship Harbour
Left Elite 3
1) Tim Wrigley, Middleton
2) Artie MacMaster, Truro
3) Will Sarty, Sackville
4) Gary Laird, Nictaux
5) Rejain Allain, St Marie-de-Kent, NB

Right Elite 2
1) Ryan Purdy, Halifax
2) Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
3) Chris Scott, Sackville
4) Wayde Graves, Bedford
5) Trever Sanipass, Dartmouth
6) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
7) Shawn Deveau, Dartmouth
8) Rejain Allain, St. Marie-de-Kent
9) Mark Rockwell, Mt Uniacke
10) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
Left Elite 2
1) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
2) Wayde Graves, Bedford
3) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
4) Shawn Deveau, Dartmouth
5) Ryan Purdy, Halifax
6) Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke
7) Gary Laird, Nictaux
8) Darren Taylor, Middleton

Right Elite 1
1) Shawn Ross, Middleton
2) Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
3) Ryan Purdy, Halifax

Left Elite 1
1) Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
2) Shawn Ross, Kingston
3) Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
4) Chris Scott, Sackville
5) Trever Sanipass, Dartmouth
6) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
7) Shawn Deveau, Dartmouth

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