Battle of the Atlantic I

Angies of Burnside, Dartmouth
Nova Scotia, October 20, 2007

Right Lightweight
Tim Wrigley 3-0
Trever Weatherbee 1-2
Will Sarty 1-2
Jim McGeoghegan 1-2

A 3-way tie had Jim, Trever and Will battle it out to see who pulled Tim in the final.

Tim Wrigley defeats Will Sarty 3-0.

In the alternate match Artie MacMaster defeated Ed McLellan 6-0.
Left Lightweight
Jim McGeoghegan 3-0
Tim Wrigley 2-1
Artie MacMaster 1-2
Will Sarty 0-3

Jim McGeoghegan defeats Tim Wrigley 3-1 in the final.

In the alternate match Darren Taylor defeated Terence Wrigley 6-0.

Right Middleweight

Mark Crouse 3-0
Ryan Purdy 2-1
Rick Pinkney 1-2
Chris Scott 0-3

Mark Crouse defeated Ryan Purdy 3-0

In the alternate match Matthew Purdy defeated Mark Rockwell 4-3
Left Middlewight

Sylvio Bourque 3-0
Mark Crouse 2-1
Chris Scott 1-2
Melvin Peach 0-3

Sylvio Bourque defeats Mark Crouse 3-1 in the final.

In the alternate match Mark Rockwell defeats Gary Laird 6-0.
Right Heavyweight

Greg Harnish 3-0
Mark MacPhail
2-1 Shawn Ross 1-2
Wayde Graves 0-3

Mark defeats Greg 3-2 in the final
Left Heavyweight

Shawn Ross 2-0
Mark MacPhail 1-1
Wayde Graves 0-2

Mark MacPhail defeats Shawn Ross 3-0 in the final. /td>

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