Summarized Rules of the Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation

   - Double-elimination tournament; you must lose twice - "A" side / "B" side format
   - You have 1 minute to get to the table; failure to do so results in a loss.
   - Must show up to the table ready to compete: arms must be bare from the hand to 4" above the elbow; no watches, rings, or support bandages, also no hats at the table
   - Foot rule: you may wrap your legs around the table legs or lift both feet off the floor, however you may not intentionally kick your opponent. If you place your foot on your opponnt's side of the table you must remove it if requested by your opponent.
   - You cannot have any part of your body below your waistline on the table.
   - Head wear without a brim/bill, such as religious headwear,due rags and toques may be worn at the table. No offensive language or symbols is permitted. Any long garmet must be tied back, as not to interfere with the match. Long hair must be tied back.

When you get to the table you must:
   1) Grab the peg at the side.
   2) Place your elbow on the pad before the grip is taken.
   3) Take your grip. You can grip as high or as low as you wish as long as the top thumb knuckle is showing on both hands. The referee will ensure a fair grip.
   4) Shoulders must be square with the table and the referee must be able to pass his fist between the shoulder and the grip before the match starts. After "Go" you can move your shoulders.
   5) The wrists must be straight, still and in the centre of the table. Pressure may be applied as long as the grip does not deviate from centre.
   6) If a satisfactory grip cannot be achieved within 30 seconds then a referee's grip will be applied.
   7) If both competitors wish to start in the straps, referee's grip or both they may do so.
   8) The start will be a "Ready-Go".

An early start
letting go of the peg during the match without gaining an advantage

any two warnings
elbow losing contact with the pad
intentionally forcing your opponent's elbow off the pad
shoulder either touching or across centre of the table
causing a slip-out
movement before "Go" while in the referee's grip
dangerous positions: break-arm & hyper-extension

any two fouls
any foul in the losing position
being pinned, whereby the fingers or wrist go below the pin line. They do not have to touch the pin pad as long as the fingers or wrist go below the pin line.

STRAPS - Any match that ends in a slip-out and no fouls are issued will result in straps being applied.

There is inherent risk with every sport and you must protect yourself at all times. If you feel you cannot, please remove yourself from the tournament.