Carriage House
Port Hawkesbury, NS
April 30, 2011
Entries: 36

Referees: Rick Pinkney, Shaun Deveau, Rejean Allain

Photo compliments of
Grant McDaniel, "The Reporter "  in Port Hawkesbury

Upsets appeared to be the word of the day at the Carriage House tournament in Port Hawkesbury. Matthew Purdy shook up the right hand class while Will Sarty and Stephen McGrath upset the
 left hand classes. While Will and Stephen dominated their classes, Matthew had to pull hard and smart to over come the challenge of his brother Ryan. There were lots of great match-ups as the Elite classes were run in a triple elimination format.

Amateur Right Light
1. Gary Kell, Antigonish
2. Will Walsh, Moncton, NB 
3. David Piercey, St. Peters 

Amateur Right Heavy
1. Robert Pottie, L'Ardoise
2. Eddie Bona, L'Ardoise
3. Chris Petrossi, Georges River
4. Gary Laird, Nictaux
5. Jamie Peck, Baddeck

Right Elite 2
1. Mathew Purdy, Malagash
2. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
3. Rejean Allain, Moncton
4. Stephen McGrath, Moncton, NB
5. Will Sarty, Sackville

Right Elite 1
1. Shawn Ross, Kingston
2. Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
3. Shaun Deveau, Sackville
4. Ryan Purdy, Halifax

Amateur Left Open

1. Gary Laird, Nictaux
2. Will Walsh, Moncton, NB
3. Eddie Bona, L'Ardoise

Left Elite 3
1. Will Sarty, Sackville
2. Rejean Allain, Moncton
3. Will Walsh, Moncton, NB

Left Elite 2
1. Stephen McGrath, Moncton, NB
2. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
3. Will Sarty, Sackville
Mathew Purdy, Malagash
Rejean Allain, Moncton

Left Elite 1

1. Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
2. Shaun Deveau, Sackville

Strong Hand Hold
1.  Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin - 1.12.85
2. Will Sarty, Sackville - 1.11.37
3. Shawn Ross, Kingston - 1.04.31
4. Robert Pottie, L'Ardoise - 1.00.02
5. David Piercey, St. Peters - 35.24
6. Eddie Bona, L'Ardoise - 30.48

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