Porter's Lake Pub
Porter's Lake, NS
March 13,2010
Entries: 37
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Mark Crouse

Although there was plenty of action on the table, this tournament may be mostly remembered where the 9 year old strong hand hold record was broken by not 1 but 2 people. First Jay Smith of Yarmouth smashed the record with a hold time of 1 minute 39.35 seconds then Randy Bayers of Ship Harbour fell just short of that mark with a time of 1.37.36.

In the overall Strong Hand Hold Standings Will Sarty has taken the lead with a total time of 2.56.30 , followed by Randy Bayers (2.56.30) and Mark MacPhail (2.43.84).

There were plenty of new faces at this event. Many travelled several hours to get there but appeared that the travel was well worth their time. There were also several exciting challenge matches with the most exciting being the left hand lightweight battle between

Tim Wrigley and Rejean Allain.

                                                  Draw Sheets           Pictures (Thanks to Melissa Purdy for taking the pictures.)

Amateur Right Lightweight (165lbs)
1. Jordan Duncanson, Yarmouth
2.  Will Walsh, Campbellton, NB
3.  Kevin Brennan, Brookfield

4.   Adam Warford, White's Lake
5.  Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
6.  Harold Langley, Ship Harbour

Amateur Right Middleweight (190lbs)
1.  Daniel Baker, Porter's Lake
2.  Andrew Duncanson, Yarmouth
3.  Greg Walsh, Sheet Harbour
4.  Kevin Brennan, Brookfield

Amateur Right Heavyweight (Over 190lbs)
1. Jay Smith, Yarmouth
2. Jim White, Lake Echo
3. Dan Lisicky, Porters Lake
4. Scott Weir, Sackville
5. Greg Walsh, Sheet Harbour

Amateur Left Lightweight (180lbs)
1. Will Walsh, Campbellton, NB
2. Jordan Duncanson, Yarmouth
3. Kevin Brennan, Brookfield
4. Andrew Duncanson, Yarmouth
5. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
6. Vernon Weatherbee, Stewiacke
7. Greg Walsh, Sheet Harbour

Amateur Left Heavyweight (Over 180lbs)

1. Mark Roberts, Head of Jeddore
2. Daniel Baker, Porter's Lake
3. Jay Smith, Yarmouth
4. Scott Weir, Sackville

5. Greg Walsh, Sheet Harbour

Strong Hand Hold
1. Jay Smith, Yarmouth - 1.39.35
2. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour - 1.37.76
3. Daniel Baker, Porter's Lake - 1.13.64
4. Shawn Ross, Kingston - 1.12.46
5. Keay Roma, Porter's Lake - 1.05.94

6. Joe Baker, Porter's Lake - 1.05.48
7. Will Sarty, Sackville - 1.05.11
8. Chris Ellis, Meagher's Grant - 1.04.44
9. Mark Roberts, Head of Jeddore - 59.97

10. Steve Hawco, Porters Lake - 30.91

Challenge Matches

BOTA Left Lightweight

Darren Taylor (3) defeated Will Sarty (2)   4-1

Left Lightweight
Tim Wrigley defeated Rejean Allain   4-3

BOTA Left Middleweight

Randy Bayers (4) defeated Matthew Purdy (3)  4-0
Ralphie Bayers (2) defeated Ryan Purdy (1)  4-0

BOTA Right Lightweight

Rejean Allain (6) defeated Will Sarty (3)  4-0
Trever Weatherbee (1) defeated Darren Taylor (2)  4-0

BOTA Right Middleweight
Randy Bayers(3) defeated Ryan Purdy(1) 4-1

BOTA Right Heavyweight 

Greg Harnish (1) defeated Shawn Ross (2)  4-0

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