Ocean Lanes
Tatamagouche, NS
October 2, 2010
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Shawn Ross

Ocean Lanes

The Ocean Lanes competition was filled with many exciting challenge matches. However there were several lopsided victories as well.

On the lopsided  matches Randy Bayers took out Rick Pinkney 4-0. Rick was only able to slow Randy down in 1 match and the rest were blow-outs. Will Sarty didn't fair any better against Jim McGeoghegan. Will tried everything but Jim was way too strong for him. Chris Scott Jr wanted in on the challenge action and took on Matthew Purdy. Chris couldn't handle Matthew's inside power and lost 4 straight. Jay Smith also wanted in on the Battle of the Atlantic Championship and Pat McGeoghegan gave him a   not-so-friendly welcome by taking him out 4 straight.

The other matches made up what the previous ones lacked in excitement. Tim Wrigley wanted to step up to the next weight class with his right arm and took on a much improving Matthew Purdy.  Matthew took a commanding 3-0 lead in some hard fought hook matches. Then Matthew started to run out of steam and Tim's endurance won out as be came back with 4 straight wins. This was the best match-up of the day as these 2 went to war on the inside. However, Tim didn't fair so well with his left arm. Rising star Jeremie Hachie went into Tim's power and then proceded to what few can do, he pulled through him . Charlie McGeoghegan and Shaun Deveau had a battle with their right arms. Shaun took a convincing win the first match, but then Charlie came back with 4 straight wins. In  another exciting match-up randy Bayers took on Jim McGeoghegan. Although Randy won 4 straight, the result does not do justice to the battle these two had. Jim is moving up in weight and made a statement that he will be someone to be reckoned with in the future.

The 6-man round robin soon went to 4 when Mark Crouse  wasn't able to make it and Ralphie Bayers just had an operation on his ACL. Jay Smith stepped in to make it a 5-man but he was in over his head. Jay is just new to the sport and was taking on some seasoned veterans.  When the round robin was done Shaun Deveau came out on top with a 4-0 record followed by Charlie McGeoghegan at 3-1, Chris Scott and 2-2, Pat McGeoghegan with a 1-3 record and Jay at 0-4. Shaun and Charlie squared off in a best of 5. Again Shaun won the first but he ran out of steam and Charlie came back with 3 straight wins to claim the title.

Amateur Right Heavyweight (Over 190lbs)
1. Josh Mulholland, River John
2. Jay Smith, Yarmouth
3. Brad Barton, Springhill
4. Matthew Beebe, Bedford

Amateur Left Heavyweight (Over 180lbs)

1. Jay Smith, Yarmouth
2. Josh Mulholland, River John
3. Matthew Beebe, Bedford

 Challenge Matches

Right Hand
Randy Bayers def Rick Pinkney 4 -0
Jim McGeoghegan def Will Sarty 4-0
Tim Wrigley def Matthew Purdy 4-3
Pat McGeoghegan def Jay Smith 4-0
Charlie McGeoghegan def Shaun Deveau 4-3

Left Hand
Jeremie Hachie def Tim Wrigley 4-0
Matthew Purdy def Chris Scott Jr 4-0
Randy Bayers def Jim McGeoghegan 4-0

6-Man Round Robin
Shaun Deveau 4-0
Charlie McGeoghegan 3-1
Chris Scott 2-2
Pat McGeoghegan 1-3
Jay Smith 0-4

Best of 5 Final
Charlie McGeoghegan def Shaun Deveau 3-1

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