New Ross Fair
New Ross, NS
August 21, 2010
Entries: 53
Referees: Shaun Deveau, Rick Pinkney

New Ross Fair

The 2nd longest continuous running competition in Nova Scotia took place on August 21st in New Ross. The 20th edition saw  one of the largest turn-outs ever. The fair also draws one of the best armwrestling crowds you will find anywhere. Several hundred people fill the fair grounds cheering  on their favourite armwrestler. In years past they have stayed and watched even as rain pounded down upon them.

The hero on this day was young Jeremie Hachey who drove 5 hours from New Brunswick. He won the right hand light and middleweight classes. He also won the left hand lightweight class and threw fear into the heavyweights finishing a very respectable 4th.

Right Lightweight (150lbs)
1. Jeremie Hachey, Robertville, NB
2. Shane Kaiser, Chester
3. Josh Levy, New Ross
4. William Laponsee, New Ross
5. Devin Kaiser, New Ross
6. Justin McDow, New Ross
7. Lucas, Levy, New Ross
8. Scott  Last, Kentville
9. Mike Evans, Mill Cove

Right Middleweight (190lbs)
1. Jeremie Hachey, Robertville, NB
2. Dexter Rafuse, New Ross
3. Ian Doucette, Claire
4. Lucas Webber, New Ross
5. Arthur Morgan Kempt Shore
6. Sebastien Roy, Robertville, NB
7. Randy Power, New Ross
8. Shane Kaiser, Chester
9. Leon Brewster, Baxter's Harbour
10. Mike MacKinnon, Falmouth

Right Heavyweight (200lbs)
1. Ian Lake, Bramber
2. Jacob Walker, New Ross
3. Johnathan McDow, New Ross
4. George Duncan, Beechville
5. Matthew Beebe, Halifax

Right Super Heavyweight (Over 200lbs)
1. Jay, Smith, Yarmouth
2. Devin Spencer, Bramber
3. Nick Broome, New Ross
4. Byard Hiltz, New Ross
5. Neil Morley, Halifax
Ladies Right Open
1. Jill Gray, Chester
2. Erin Keilor, New Ross
3. Alisha Broome, Chester

Left Lightweight (175lbs)

1. Jeremie Hachey, Robertville, NB
2. Lucas Webber, New Ross
3. Randy Power, New Ross
4. William Laponsee, New Ross
5. Devin Kaiser, New Ross
6. Wayne MacKinnon, Falmouth
7. Mike MacKinnon, Falmouth
8. Mike Evans, Mill Cove
9. Sebastien Roy, Robertville, NB
10. Shane Kaiser, Chester
11. Lucas Levy, New Ross
12. Scott  Last, Kentville
13. Coulton Reeves, New Ross

Left Heavyweight (Over 175lbs)
1. Jay, Smith, Yarmouth
2.Nick Broome, New Ross
3. Devin Spencer, Bramber
4. Jeremie Hachey, Robertville, NB
5. William Walker, New Ross
6. Johnathan McDow, New Ross
7. Ian Lake, Bramber
8. Matthew Beebe, Halifax
9. Jacob Walker, New Ross

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