Hants County Pub
Kennetcook, NS
June 19, 2010
Entries: 40
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Chris Scott

Hants County Pub

The bright sunshine outside and the 40 degrees inside didn't stop an enthusiastic crowd in Kennetcook for cheering on the local favourites.
Jeremie Hachey, the just turned 18 year old phenom from
Bathurst, NB crushed all the competition in the right and left hand lightweight categories. Then local strong man Kerry Anthony took out all comers in the right and left hand heavyweight divisions.

There were two challenge matches on the day. In the first Rejean Allain started out with 2 wins over Rick Pinkney, but then Rick came back with 4 wins in a row. In the second it was Shaun Deveau and Chris Scott in a left hand battle. They traded the first 3 matches back and forth; but in the end it was Chris's superior wrist strength and stamina that won it for him  4-2.

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Amateur Right Lightweight (165lbs)

1. Jeremie Hachey, Bathurst, NB
2. Arthur Morgan, Kempt Shore
3. Will Walsh, Moncton, NB
4. Scott White, Enfield
5. Melvin Heim, River John
6. Dominic Roussel, Moncton, NB
7. Robin White, Kennetcook
8. Greg MacInnes, Kennetcook
9. Andrew White, Rawdon

Amateur Right Middleweight (190lbs)
1. Ian Lake, Bramber
2. Brett White, Kennetcook
3.James Steward, Maitland
4. Billy Joe Deveau, Methegan
5. Scott White, Enfield
6. Ryan Conley, Noel Road

Amateur Right Heavyweight (Over 190lbs)

1. Kerry Anthony, Kennetcook
2.Josh Mulholland, River John
3. Ivan Barker, River John
4. Devin Spencer, Summerville
5. Darrell Bray, River John
6. Lawrence Lake, Scotch Village
7. Billy Joe Deveau, Methegan
8. Brett White, Kennetcook
9. Kyle Hoogendoorn, Enfield
10. Lincoln Spencer, Noel Road

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Amateur Left Lightweight (180lbs)

1. Jeremie Hachey, Bathurst, NB
2. Will Walsh, Moncton, NB
3. Robin White, Kennetcook
4. Andrew White, Rawdon
5. Greg MacInnes, Kennetcook
6. Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth
7. John Campbell, Noel
8. Melvin Heim, River John

Amateur Left Heavyweight (Over 180lbs)
1. Kerry Anthony, Kennetcook
2. Ivan Barker, River John
3. Darrell Bray, River John
4. Billy Joe Deveau, Metegan
5. Josh Mulholland, River John
6. Mike Gorman, Kennetcook

7.James Steward, Maitland

Strong Hand Hold

1. James Steward, Maitland - 1.00.16
2. Kerry Anthony, Kennetcook - 49.38
3. Matt Wiseman, Rawdon - 42.73
4.  Billy Joe Deveau, Metegan - 29.17
5. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth - 16.13
6.  Ricky Greene, Gormanville - 2.07
7. Robin White, Kennetcook - N/T
8. Brett White, Kennetcook - N/T

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