Battle of the Atlantic VI
Kennetcook, NS
November 30, 2010
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Shaun Deveau,

Battle of the Atlantic Championship VI


The 6th Battle of the Atlantic Championship took place Saturday, October 30 at the Hants County Pub in Kennetcook. Mark MacPhail and Ralphie Bayers were the big winners on the day. Mark fought off challenges from Greg Harnish right hand and Charlie McGeoghegan left handed. Mark beat Greg 4 matches to 2 while Charlie fell 4 - 1.

 Ralphie Bayers fought hard to keep his right hand Middleweight Belt from his brother Randy. Ralphie also had his hands full wrestling away the left handed title from Champion Mark Crouse. Randy was up 3 matches to 2 before Ralphie came back to win the last 2 matches. Although Ralphie beat Mark 4 -0 there were a couple great matches with both competitors fighting for hand position in centre of the table.

 In other action the much improving Jeremie Hachey won both of his challenges. In the first one right handed against Will Sarty, Will was trying to figure out how keep Jeremie out of his powerful hook, but in the end he couldn't do it and Jeremie went on to win 4 -2. Then in the left, Jeremie was up against fellow New Brunswicker Rejean Allain. Left hand is where Jeremie really shines and Rejean could not slow him down as he went on to win 4-0. Rejean didn't fair any better with his right arm as he lost 4 -1 to Ryan Purdy. However Ryan then went down to defeat with his left 4 -0 to Randy Bayers.

Pat McGeoghegan and Shaun Deveau went head to head in both right and left hand. In both cases Pat came out the victor. In the right hand they traded wins back and forth until Pat won the 7th match. With the left Pat won 2 matches, Shaun won 2 and then Pat won the final 2. In both cases it was conditioning that paid off in the end.

Randy Bayers continues to impress in the Strong Hand Hold competition. Earlier this year Randy was the first one beat a 10 year old record. Now he has raised the bar even higher by turning in an amazing time of 1 minute 54.61 seconds.


Challenge Matches
Right Hand
Jeremie Hachey def Will Sarty 4 - 2
Ryan Purdy def Rejean Allain 4 - 1
Pat McGeoghegan def Shaun Deveau 4 -3

Left Hand
Jeremie Hachie def Rejean Allain 4 - 0
Randy Bayers def Ryan Purdy 4 - 0

Pat McGeoghegan def Shaun Deveau 4 -2

Championship Matches
Right Hand
Ralphie Bayers (Champion) def Randy Bayers 4-3
Mark MacPhail (Champion) def Greg Harnish 4-2

Left Hand
Ralphie Bayers def Mark Crouse (Champion) 4 - 0
Mark MacPhail (Champion) def Charlie McGeoghegan  4 -1


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