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Truro, Nova Scotia
February 24, 2007
Entries: 59
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Shawn Ross

Amateur Right Lightweight (165lbs)
1) Ed McLellan, Hilden 
2) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank 
3) Jason Tattrie, Truro 
4) Terrence Wrigley, Middleton 
5) Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth

Amateur Right Middleweight (190lbs)
1) Jason Lavigne, Moncton, NB 
2) Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
3) Adam Sarson, Truro 

Amateur Right Heavyweight (Over 190lbs)
1) Artie MacMaster, Truro 
2) Matthew Purdy, Malagash 
3) Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke
4) Jason Wride, Beaver Bank
5) Billy Roache, Whycocomaugh
6) Kenny Snow, Charlottetown, PEI
7) Adam Sarson, Truro
8) Ivan Knockwood, Indian Brook
9) Gary Laird, Torbrook
10) Brian Fougere, Halifax

Right Elite 2 
1) Ryan Purdy, Halifax 
2) Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
3) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield 
4) Wayde Graves, Bedford 
5) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
6) Trevor Sanipass, Dartmouth
7) Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke
8) Trevor Weatherbee, Stewiacke
9) Tim Wrigley, Middleton

Right Elite 1 
1) Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin 
2) Greg Harnish, Hubbards 
3) Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
4) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield 

Amateur Left Lightweight (180lbs)
1) Ed McLellan, Hilden 
2) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank 
3) Jason Tattrie, Truro 
4) Pierre Campbell, Dartmouth 
5) Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth

Amateur Left Heavyweight (Over 180lbs)
1) Jason Wride, Beaver Bank 
2) Kenny Snow, Charlottetown, PEI 
3) Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
4) Mark Rockwell, Mt. Uniacke 
5) Ryan Purdy, Halifax
6) Gary Laird, Torbrook
7) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
8) Brian Fougere, Halifax
9) Adam Sarson, Truro

Left Elite 2
1) Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
2) Tim Wrgley, Middleton 
3) Wayde Graves, Bedford 
4) Gary Laird, Torbrook 
Left Elite 1
1) Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin 
2) Cody King, Hainesville, NB 
3) Shawn Ross, Kingston 
4) Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
5) Trevor Sanipass, Dartmouth
6) Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
Ladies' Right Open
1) Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield
2) Kayla MacMaster, Truro

Ladies' Left Open
1) Brooke Crouse, Beaconsfield
2) Kayla MacMaster, Truro

Challenge Match Results

Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield def Rick Pinkney, Sackville 6-0

Mark completely overpowered Rick in winning all 6 hook matches.

Ryan Purdy, Halifax def Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB 6-0

Sylvio couldn't slow down the exposive hits of Ryan.

Gary Laird, Torbrook def Adam Sarson, Truro 6-0

The only left-handed match. Gary dominated every aspect of this match-up even when Adam got the start on him.

Wayde Graves, Bedford def Cody King, Hainesville, NB 4-2

The most exciting of the 4 match-ups. Cody had the fast hits and took the first 2 matches. However in the last 4 matches Wayde was able to stop him and bring him back.

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