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Bud's Pub - Burnside

January 27, 2007
Entries: 75
Referees: Chris Scott, Shawn Ross

Video Clips from Armsport Videos
Amateur Right Lightweight (165lbs)
1) Steve Bayers, Halifax
2) Ed McLellan, Hilden
3) Brendan Samuel, Dartmouth
4) Roger Young, Halifax
5) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank
6) Doug Redden, Dartmouth
7) Terrence Wrigley, Middleton
8) Joyce King, Hainesville, NB
9) Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth
10) Darren Taylor, Middleton
11) Kyle Cock, Halifax
Amateur Right Middleweight (190lbs)
1) Jason Lavigne, Mncton, NB
2) Steve Bayers, Halifax
3) Thomas Lake, Walton
4) Bernie Lake, Newport
5) Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
6) Adam Sarson, Truro
7) Nate Watson, Hilden

Joyce King Mark and Greg
Amateur Right Heavyweight (190lbs +)
1) Jason Wride, Beaver Bank
2) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
3) Larry Roi, Minto, NB
4) Mark Rockwell, Lakelands
5) Matt Watson, Truro
6) Billy Roache, Whycocomagh
7) Gary Laird, Torbrook
8) Roger Donelle, Moncton
9) Adam Sarson, Truro
10) Michael Brown, Halifax
Right Elite 2
1) Cody King, Hainesville, NB
2) Rick Pinkney, Sackville
3) Wayde Graves, Bedford
4) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
5) Tim Wrigley, Middleton
6) Ryan Purdy, Halifax
7) Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
8) Jason Lavigne, Moncton, NB
9) Mark Rockwell, Lakelands
10) Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
Tim Wrigley Gary and Ryan
Right Elite 1
1) Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
2) Greg Harnish, Hubbards
3) Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
4) Rick Pinkney, Sackville
5) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield

Amateur Left Lightweight (180lbs)
1) Darren Taylor, Middleton
2) Joyce King, Hainesville, NB
3) Doug Redden, Dartmouth
4) Brendan Samuel, Dartmouth
5) Adam Sarson, Truro
6) Kyle Cock, Halifax
7) Brian Coffill, Beaver Bank
8) Terrence Wrigley, Middleton
9) Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth
Pat and Wayde Sylvio and Wayde
Amateur Left Heavyweight (180lbs +)
1) Tim Wrigley, Middleton
2) Jason Lavigne, Moncton
3) Matthew Purdy, Malagash
4) Ryan Purdy, Halifax
5) Jim McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
6) Gary Laird, Torbrook
7) Larry Roi, Minto, NB
8) Michael Brown, Halifax
9) Roger Donnelle, Moncton, NB
10) Adam Sarson, Truro
Left Elite 2
1) Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
2) Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
3) Tim Wrigley, Middleton
4) Wayde Graves, Bedford
5) Gary Laird, Torbrook
6) Melvin Peach, Halifax
7) Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI

Larry Brian
Left Elite 1
1) Mark MacPhail,Ben Eoin
2) Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
3) Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
4) Trevor Sanipass, Dartmouth
5) Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
6) Cody King, Hainesville, NB

Chris and Pat Ryan and Sylvio
Challenge Match Results

Artie MacMaster, Truro def Melvin Peach, Halifax 5-1
The most lopsided of the matches. With the matches starting in the hook Melvin couldn't handle Artie's inside power.

Ed McLellan, Hilden def Tim Wrigley, Middleton 5-1
Starting in the hook, Ed's fast smashes were too much for Tim. Tim stopped Ed but was too low to bring him back.

Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI def Chris Scott, Sackville 5-1
Pat dominated Chris in the first 4 matches. The last 2 matches were in the straps and Chris was able to take out Pat's wrist. In match 5 Pat was still able to pin Chris with a flipped wrist but not the last match.

Brendan Samuel, Dartmouth def Darren Taylor, Middleton 4-2
The closest of the match-ups. The final tally doesn't tell the tale as these two had several tough pulls.



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